Photobooth selfie. (Glasses were a prop)

Brian Dowling is an American photographer from Los Angeles.  He came to photography late in life after studying economics at USC, but in 2010 started working as a photographer for MTV & FOX in Los Angeles.  He currently works as a contributor for Getty Images in Berlin, Germany.

Brian is currently working on a two-year project named “Redhead Beauty” about redheads from various countries in North America, Australia, and Europe.  The art book is scheduled for printing March 17, 2017.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys traveling to Scotland and Taiwan,  cycling around Berlin,  spicy Asian foods, learning new cooking techniques from Gordon Ramsay…on Youtube, and listening to Indie Rock and Blues music.

First Gallery Showing

Dancing the Dream  – Oct 4, 2013 – July 13, 2014
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
Washington, D.C. USA


MTV, Nickelodeon, FOX, FX, Billboard, Sony Music, Atlantic Records, Microsoft, Elton John Foundation, Microsoft, Uno de 50, & Bloomingdales.


US: Vogue, People Magazine, Vanity Fair, Us Weekly, E!
Germany: Gala, Bild, Closer, Bunte, & Berliner Zeituner