Happy Saint Patricks Day to all! I spent ten days in Ireland last month and thought today would be an appropriate day to update my blog letting people know I am alive and doing well.  The weather in Ireland was cold, overcast,  and rainy for most of my trip. So, the one day it wasn’t drizzling, Aoife […]

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Judith Scheepers


Talia and Igor had their DIY wedding at Point Lobos Ridge overlooking the Santa Lucia Mountains and Pacific Ocean in Carmel, California.   It was truly a beautiful wedding with the groom’s family flying in from Germany and friends traveling from Australia, Hong Kong, and London to share their moments.  This was the first wedding I photographed […]

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Basically, lithium is a salt in large aquifers thousands of feet underground and is brought up to the surface to have the water evaporate in the desert sun.    Since cell phones, laptops, hybrid cars, and now electric cars such as Tesla Motors rely heavily on lithium powered batteries, I was there to document the process. I traveled to literally the […]

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Cathy Cubelos

Yep…..that’s the middle of nowhere for sure……..Silverpeak, NV.

Kristin Kowalski McFarlane

I grew up here!!,:)

Nancy Jo Weld-Kittel

Isn’t the last pic of Melissa?

Lori Dunn

Home, sweet, home for the last 16 years for me, 20 plus for my husband! We will sure miss it!

Jamie Dimmick

I grew up here too, so miss it!!!!

Matt Asher

I grew up here too, 1983 – 1990

Kimbre Plante

I too grew up there

Deborah Gillum Rohlman

Don’t miss the locale but the people are sorely missed.

Sylvia Griffin

Postmaster in this town.

Justin Sanderson

So did my dad and uncle jamie dimmick

Mike Standlee

Remember Hefty & Alice???

I was in Las Vegas over the weekend and driving on the way back to Los Angeles with my friend Danny Bopp, we stopped in the California desert to take some photos for an hour.  I think by this time it has cooled down to a toasty 95 degrees!  We styled the shoot with a […]

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Erin & Matthew were married at Pine Lakes Country Club in South Carolina amongst friends and family from North Carolina, Texas, and California.  It was the last weekend in October, but the bright sun warmed the day.  Many happy tears fell this wedding day, followed by laughs,  southern BBQ, and dancing into the night…     

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I’ve been without WordPress for a year, but I’m finally back. 😀 My site is still under major construction, but I wanted to post this. I’ve heard so many people talk about “Chandelier” and seen so many YouTube posts of it on Facebook that I wanted to make it the first post of my blog’s […]

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Alexis Irene


Amanda Rodrigues

Pretty girls *0*

Melissa Sheppard

Brian I don’t think I realized this was your work! Absolutely incredible. And amazing behind the scenes shots. Love Love Love. <3

Sharon R. Shanower


LuLu Vaughan

So awesome!

Ruth Tallmer

Love all the behind the scenes shots! I adore the song, am a big fan of the young & talented Maddie, & am floored by the choreography!

Lucas Faillace

Brian! Thanks for the lovely pictures. Are you familiar with the camera and lens setups the DP used? Just a student curious about how the pros do it :)

Juliesse Mazucai

lovett <3

Alex Polimentos

Brian! So awesome!